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Saturday, August 26, 2006


We have been following your web site for some time now. We read every post as soon as it comes out. We are Full Time wannabes, and attended the LOW in PA.
We would liked to have taken your class. Would it be possable to put your power point presentation on the web site so all can get the benifit of your experience.

Ann & Roy

Good entry today. Thanks for the information on Federal workamping. We have been thinking a lot about that lately, and will check out your links.

Sounds like you did great at LOW, as I'm sure the evaluations will bear out. Thanks for sharing everything with us.

Steve's comments in this post and Mac's in the last give me the willies. Both of these fellows seem to know what they are talking about and both, especially Mac ("RVs are basically junk - there are just different levels"), seem to be negative about the quality of RVs. Mac's comments about fires was certainly enlightening. However, although 3,000 a year does seems high, I wonder how many cars catch fire each year and look at the complexity of RVs, including propane, and the inherent opportunity for problems including fires. Did either of them give any explainations for their feelings?
My wife and I attended an RV seminar many years ago. A husband and wife team (don't remember their names) told the attendees not to use night lights because they had one catch fire and it destroyed their unit. Bad luck but not a good reason to make that comment. They also said that they would never go into a gas station if there was any type of RV at the pumps because so many RVers travel with their refrigerators lit on gas which could cause a fire. Personally, I have been in many gas stations where there were RVs and I have never seen one catch fire yet. And what about if this couple was in process of getting gas and another RV pulled in. Would they leave out of fear of a big boom?
I tend to be very skeptical about 'experts' until they give me concrete proof to back up their expertise.

Linda: Needed check list for computer assisted presentations. Sad about the crash in Lexington.

Did anyone bring up the mandatory changes for the 2007 diesel engines? The feds are requiring all diesel engines meet much stronger emission requirements and as of yesterday, Ford and GM still couldn't answer our questions (we talked to fleet diesel sales managers at both dealerships) on how this will affect reliability, mpg, or anything else for that matter. The Ford dealer said he has tried repeatedly to get answers from corporate and has gotten nowhere. In fact, they don't even know when they'll have the new "diesel". The GMC sales manager said there was no way he would buy a 2007 diesel.....now that's bad!
We have heard from our contacts throughout the industry that this is a major concern for all of the diesel manufacturers including the big rigs.
Just thought I'd mention it as it did come up at the LOW I attended in Idaho. A LOW tech ( sorry I can't remember his name) reiterated the same concerns and stated he would not buy any 2007 diesels.
Just wondering if you've heard anything.

The LOW in Moscow Idaho was really good and we hope to attend the one in Tucson in March. I felt we got a lot of invaluable information and met some terrific people, attendees and instructors. I especially enjoyed Sandy Baleria. She and her husband, Dave,are seasoned instructors with LOW and I believe they had 20 classes that week.
The biggest problem we encountered were the walks between classes ( the campus is built on hills and meant for young people, not people with exertional asthma, bad knees, etc.:) Lots of us were struggling with the walking. I actually ended up cancelling a class with Mac's fire safety as it was at least four hilly blocks from everyone else. I found out lots of my fellow attendees also canceled for that reason. Even if I could have made it there, I wouldn't have lived long enough to learn anything:)

We left with new friends and more knowledge. You can't ask for much more than that!!

Ann & Roy, we just can't post the powerpoint presentations of our classes. First, they are the only thing we have left that we have not given away for free and we jeopardize some of our income if we make them available. Second, Life On Wheels does not allow photographs or tape recording of their classes, so I'm sure posting the actual presentations out on the web would be some sort of violation of their policies. We hope you understand. :)

John, Steve and Mac's comments do not give me a warm, fuzzy feeling about RVs in general either. But guess what? They both own motorhomes and love RVing! Their points have to do more with the lack of standards of production in the RV Industry. The RV Industry is basically self-policing and that's a scary thought for something that has the same systems as a house and moves down the road at 60 mph. They feel the more people are educated about how much better RVs could be built, the industry might just change for the better. I, like you, often think "experts" over-dramatize for effect, but I have a certain level of trust in these guys. :)

Judy, I didn't attend any classes that mentioned the changes for 2007 diesel engines, so I have no information on that subject. That a good question for the Forum. :)

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