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Friday, August 25, 2006


I have a question about awnings that maybe you can answer after taking your class. We were parked under a tree that dropped some kind of seeds that got all over our awning both top and bottom and we can't get it off with anything. It's really annoying. Any ideas for getting these off? Also how do you clean the underside of the awning?

Hope you're enjoying LOW and your presentation goes well.


Sam and I attended the Packing class at LOW this morning. As Howard predicted, the class was PACKED. Just want to let everyone not attending LOW know that they did a very FINE job! I'm sure all regular readers knew they would! And they didn't seem very nervous at all (Linda, especially, was her usual ebullient self and Howard got in several amusing stories to keep things lively).

Regarding the fire extinguishers. How many different brand names are there and can you tell us which ones Mac recommends?

Sandra, please post the awning question in the Forum so there will be easy access to the answer and so others can chime in. Be sure to indicate if you are talking about acryllic (light can get through) or vinyl. Thanks!

Eileen and Tony, I have no idea how many brands of fire extinguishers there are, but there are only a few "types". Mac recommends the ones he has on his website. Here is the link to his products page: http://www.macthefireguy.com/fire_safety_products.htm

The Hawk All Fire extinguishers are small, easy to use, and good on all types of fires. It's hard to tell from the website, but they are about the size of a one litre bottle and can be used with one hand. Be sure to look around on his site for some good information and education. :)

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