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Tuesday, August 22, 2006


YEAAAAAH Linda. :) I would have given you a B for parking, just because you got it in the space and didn't hit anything!!!!! I plan to drive our motorhome also. I enjoy driving and don't want to be in a situation where I must drive and haven't yet. GO GIRL!!!!

Linda, You are my hero. You had Howard so calm, HE TOOK A NAP! Great job and fun to read about. Christine

Whoooo Hoooo!!!! Way to go, Linda! We're so proud of you. Now Denny will really be after me to do the same. Haven't done the backing thing yet but you've given me the courage to try. Enjoy your stay in the great state of Iowa. Howard, have you finished your class presentation? Have a great conference. See you down the road.

You go girl!! Now I feel inspired - if only I had something to drive! LOL

Great job Linda!! I haven't had to drive yet but I'm sure I'll have to try it someday.

You rock, Linda! But don't feel too bad about the price of diesel. Here in the northwest, it's $3.49 a gallon.
Linda & Doug

Yey Linda, good job. Judy's up next.

Ya'll enjoy your stay in Iowa and we're looking forward to hearing another great report about your conference. We know it will be "top shelf".


Iowa's rest stops have to be the best i've ever been to. I use them alot being from MN too. The only draw back to them are breezy days during the time of year when farmers are "fertilizing"...

Other than that, they are great.

Enjoy your stay in Iowa!

Howard - you do have a Flying J rv fuel discount card?

Wow, Linda! Good for you. We've now been fulltiming for 2 years (today) and I haven't driven the rig yet. I'm still not all that secure driving the truck. Any pointers? I'd like to try but I'm afraid our home might wind up in the ditch or as part of a tree!


Great job Linda!!! I have been talking about pulling the 5th wheel but haven't had nerve to try it yet. I want to take the driving class through LOW. I have heard it is very helpful.

Is Flying J one of the places that gives Good Sam discount ?

Good going girl!!!
I have driven our fiver also but never on the interstates...although I hope to soon.
Judy and Bob and 2blackdogs


Now I have another argument to get Jo to finally try it.

Sure you can honey, look Linda drove 340 miles - and PARKED!


Way to go, Linda. As usual, you were brilliant!
Howard, did you make dinner just to even things out??

Now you've done it :) I knew this would happen. I know I have to try it one of these days, but you've ratcheted up the schedule.

Seriously, good job Linda. I can't believe Howard only gave you a "C" on parking. I'd say more like B+, after all you got it in the spot and without hitting anything. How well did YOU park your first time Howard?

Linda, I never had a doubt that you would do just fine:) Congratulations ! Oh Howard, yee of little faith. I drive most of the time due to my husband's Parkinson's Disease. Everybody who has an RV should become comfortable with driving it. You never know when you may need to drive and you don't want that time to be your first attempt. Go women drivers !

Quick comment on Flying J cards. Flying J cards get you a penny-a-gallon discount on fuel and five cents off on propane. They are available to anyone, not just Good Sam members.

Now, for the discount to be worth anything, Flying Js prices have to be lower than the other stations around - we don't stop there enough to know for sure, so I won't comment.

Okay. Opinion time. Flying Js are RV friendly, but a penny a gallon is not enough for me to throw another card in my wallet. Assuming I stopped at Flying J and put in a hundred gallons of diesel, I would save a buck - a whole dollar! And it's a savings only if their prices were at least equal to or lower than the station next door (oh and it's only a savings assuming they don't get your money back when you go inside). Let's just say I'm certainly not going out of my way to stop. If I saved a buck a month for an annual total of $12, I can assure you I will overspend that amount a bunch by going into the store or restaurant a few times.

Folks, all I'm trying to do is get you to consider all the discount cards you carry. Very, very few of them actually save any money and often they cost us more. When we carry them, our subconscious says "Oh, I've got a discount card for ....". They work to get us to go places and spend money - often more than necessary. That's why companies love discount cards and rewards cards - they make them more money without giving up anything.

It's part of a whole rant I have on marketing and advertising - they work! And it takes tremendous discipline to understand how much they work and to avoid their little traps.

Sorry about that - I'm not trying to pick on Flying J. It's just another of those areas where I think we will all be better off if we don't always follow what everyone else says to do. In my not so humble opinion. :)

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