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Friday, July 28, 2006


OMG..so sorry to read of your dads fall. I sure hope and pray he will be ok in time. My mom who is 85 is now just having trouble getting about.
Keep us up-to-date, Howard.
Judy & Bob &2blackdogs

So sorry to hear about the accident. We will keep your Dad in our prayers as well as the rest of the family. We are thinking of you.

Howard, I'm so sorry to hear about your father. I understand your emotions but do not beat yourself up or blame yourself. Falls are the number one cause of injuries or death to our senior citizens, it is an unfortunate fact. I have personal knowledge of that as my father died from a fall in his house two years ago. But to say "what if" or "I should have" isn't fair to yourself. Your father wanted to help and nothing you said or did could change that. I'm glad it sounds like he will be ok, I'm sorry he's in pain. But you know he would not want you blaming yourself and neither do we ! It wasn't your fault so please be good to yourself. You are a good son and your parents sound like great people. They would not want you to think it was your fault. And your father would be the first to tell you. I will keep you in my thoughts today and look forward to hearing how he is doing.

Hope your dad will soon be feeling better. No way to forsee those things. He could have fallen anywhere. When we get older, those things just seem to happen no matter what we are doing. I suppose if we just sat in a rocking chair, we would never get hurt but who wants to live that way?

Howard I will keep your father in my prayers and thank a merciful God that he was not hurt worse. God is good!

Oh Howard,
How awful. I'm so sorry for you; that must have been a gut-wrenching experience.

I find that as our parents get older, we have to treat them like children. They want to do things they shouldn't, so you have to be firm. Of course, that is hindsight. I'm sure the next time you would handle it differently.

I hope he is fine today, and on the mend. Our thoughts are with you.


Wow, so sorry to hear about your Dad but I'm glad he's going to be okay.

Our prayers are for you and your family.

Your father sounds alot like my 77 yr old father. He will do whatever he wants and can't be stopped. It's what makes him feel like a useful man, which he is. With that attitude(pride) he also is tough enough to endure the pain from his "accidents". I hope your dad is also like this. You have to let him be a man or he will lose his will to live. I hope he heals quickly. Don"t blame yourself. Be thankful he's as healthy as he is. Don

Dear Howard and Linda
Words cannot express our deep felt hurt for you. We will pray for you and your family. (((Hugs)))
Sincerely, Trent & Teresa

My thoughts and prayers are with your Dad. Good news is all tests were normal. Very hard to see someone you love in pain. I'm hoping he will be ok and is already on the mend.
You know there would have been no way to keep him from helping you. Don't balme yourself.
Sheilah McCoy

Howard sorry to hear about you dad's fall,I'm hoping that all will be fine and he recovers quickly. Like all the other folks said,don't blame your self,us dad's don't like to admit that we should slow down, helping our children is what we do best.

Howard - oh I'm so sorry to hear about your Dad's fall. Tony & I are praying for a full recovery for him and that he'll be pain free, also for you that you have peace in this situation. Please don't blame yourself!! So glad you are in Kentucky and can be with him and your Mom for a while, you are such a blessing to them.

Hope all is well with your Dad. Just another of those reasons we need to go when we can and not put off our dreams until?????

Sorry to hear about your Dad's fall. Hope he will be up and around very soon.
Our thoughts are with you and your family.


Just read the latest journal, Howard, and I agree with everyone else: don't beat yourself up. However, be prepared for something good to come out of this event. In my experience, having gone through my own share of personal suffering, something good always comes from something which we think of as awful at the time. We just never know when that time will come, but rest assured, it will come. Also, with all of the prayers and thoughts from all of us, your dad is sure to come out of this fine. So, rest and get ready for the good to come.



So sorrry to hear about your dads injury and his pain. We will keep him and your whole family in our prayers.

Howard & Linda,
We have said a prayer for your Dad's speedy recovery, and for you guys too. Many people who have come to know you through your web site, now care and pray for your family. "And this too, will pass", as mom used to say. God Bless!

Howard we will add your father to our prayer list. I agree with the comments that he wanted to help and you probably could not have stopped him.

God Bless!

Betty and Gibby

Howard, Just read about your father's mishap. Will pray for him and your whole family. Us old peeps have a way of bouncing back. He was doing what he wanted to do for his child. Please don't feel bad about it. Could happen to us all at anytime. God Bless you and all your family. Don and Mildred Winter, Tell City, In.

Hi Howard - I'm glad to hear your father is recovering from his fall. After a fall like that I'm not surprised to hear he is experiencing significant pain. I hope it is nothing lingering.

As I read your posts it occurred to me how fortunate you and your father are to have the relationship you share. Many of us have not had the opportunity to experience that closeness with our fathers. After fifty years of difficulty, many of them estranged, I am glad to say that my father and I are finally working on our relationship.

You are truly blessed to have what you have. Cherish it.

-- Kevin

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