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Tuesday, June 20, 2006


#12 You took the slide tray out of your storage compartment to make more space. We never pull ours out either & I sure wish it was GONE but Bob won't get rid of it... yet :)

1. Has your expenses been more or less than you had anticiapted?
2. Has finding a doctor/dentist etc. been a problem?
3. Has getting mail been an isue?

Just a few things. You did good!

Ah, Howard, you WILL use that cruise control when you head out West!

Great read Howard. As you know, we are not full timers yet, but are already finding out things that will be a must have if we change 5th wheels. For instance the shower seat, the awning that has the wind protection, more storage and built in generator instead of using a portable. We intend on using our 32ft Gulfstream for 6 to 12 months then I hope we will absolutly know what we need and what we don't. You and Linda did an excellent job of getting a great fulltiming rig without ever having RVed before. Good Job you two!

Hey gang, just read your year in review and found it very interesting. I am going on a documentary road-trip across America next month. Was wondering where you all would be in July? I would love to see you. Maybe the crew could meet you somewhere!

Thanks for reminding me about the slide tray we took out of the basement. It seemed like a cool thing at the time of purchase, but needing to use as much space as possible, it turned out to be pretty useless with everything stacked on it and around it. Good riddance to that heavy space stealer! :)

1. We are actually pretty proud of our expense estimates. Starting out they were higher than expected as we have discovered things we should have had from the beginning. But our every day living expenses are right on target.
2. We have only needed a dentist on the road one time. Linda had an issue with a crown so she went to the Florida Dental School. Other than that, we haven't needed services. Since we knew we were going to be in Louisville (familiar territory), we made appointments for check-ups and such that we probably would not have made on the road. At any rate, we self-insure dental stuff, so when we need service, we will just get local recommendations. Our health plan has a national directory of "in-network" doctors and facilities, so we will consult that if and when we need healthcare services on the road.
3. As for mail, we have had no problems and have a great system. Go to the RV-Dreams.com Links on the sidebar and click on "FAQs". There you will find a question about mail with a detailed answer.

Husband and I found this all interesting and you did a good job. We have already covered some of the things you mentioned even though not full timers at this moment....:(
Judy & Bob & 2blackdogs

Truck: For some reason our truck does not have keyless entry on the passenger side and that is a real pain sometimes. :)

Howard: Try double clicking your keyless entry fob. My Chevy truck only unlocks the driver door on a single click and both doors on the double click.

MMandP on the road in PA. Back to work Monday.

Hi you two great people !!! We finally got caught up with your blog. We were in an area where we could not get any computer service,cell phone,and TV . We made out fine but it is an odd feeling . We were at a lake in Northern Saskatchewan. We are from Wash.state and decided to do three provinces before dropping down into the Dakotas and then eventually Florida. This has been a marvelous experience so far. Truly beautiful area. Lots of wildlife and many many birds. Birds that I have never seen,it is AWESOME!!!!Some of the campgrounds are alittle primative but thats what this RVing is all about.Thanks again for all those entries. As I said before we have to thank you guys for keeping us going those last 6mnts. As we were getting ready to do this wonderful life style. What a gift.


Looks good! Very useful, good stuff. Good resources here. Thanks much!



Cool website! Good work. Good stuff. It very impressive. I will be back!


Howard and Linda

not to beat a dead "oh you know" but we believe you are entitled to at least $50. per person attending the rally That is a LOT of work organizing and the real work is still to come.
So if there is a way to pay yourself, do it. Just a comment and thought. you do such good planning and exicuting is even harder.
thanks saltwatersal

Hello Linda and Howard!

My boyfriend and I have decided that we would like to try the fulltime RVing lifestyle for one year before we settle down. We have just started our research and I came across this blog post. Although it is a few years old, it is still helpful information. Thanks and I look forward reading more of your posts!

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