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Welcome to the RV-Dreams Journal! We are Howard and Linda Payne and this Journal is to record our travels and exploits from August 3, 2005 until whenever. It is an extension of our main website, which is dedicated to assisting those interested in pursuing a dream lifestyle, full-time RVing.

In December 2004 we made the decision to quit our corporate jobs, sell our beautiful house and nice cars, and give up our country club membership to simplify our lives and pursue a deeper happiness while traveling North America in an RV for who knows how long.

The reasoning behind our decision - How We Decided To Follow Our RV-Dreams and the months of preparation from January 1 - August 2, 2005 - Journal Of Our Transition To Full-Timing are interesting reads (especially for wannabe full-time RVers) with lots of details. And we do mean lots of details, so be prepared. :)

On August 3, 2005 we hit the road and the Journal entries and photos found here are to allow friends, family and website visitors to keep track of us and maybe learn a little about full-time RVing.

Feel free to comment on any entry. Or, if preferred, private emails can be sent via the email link on the main page or via the form on the Contact Us page. We hope you enjoy tagging along and invite you to correspond with us while we are on this great adventure!

Note: Our Journal audience ranges from friends and family to those learning about full-time RVing (or RVing in general) to very experienced RVers to those that just like to read about RV travels and see pictures of America. We take the approach of writing a combination "day in the life" travel blog and a "how-to" (or "how-not-to") for future full-timers with a bit of personal philosophy mixed in. Every entry won't appeal to every reader, but we hope the overall approach has a little bit for everybody. Thanks for visiting.


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