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Monday, November 13, 2017


We're presently running 6-100 Watt panels that can be tilted on the Roof. On the less sunny Days we've always seen the sun as it rises and before it sets. Have thought about One panel to the east and one to the west. We only have 4-12 Volt AGM Batteries which is the heart of the system. We might forgo the Panels for 2 more batteries. When you are totally charged by 11 in the morning, you need to have more storage capacity.
We have 2 Pure Sine Wave Inverters. One for our CPAPs to sleep with and the 3,000 Watt to power the entire trailer. Always mMake certain to shut the Converter off in your fuse panel and keep the Fridge set to LP or you can drain those batteries pretty quick. When not using the Inverters also shut them down.
We have had the Converter off since last January but had to turn it on for a week in October because of rainy weather. Our Base Park had to refund part of our Electric Deposit. In less then one year our Solar Panel System has half paid for itself.
Looking forward to seeing you at the Boondocking Rally on Plamosa Road in Quartzsite.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It's about time.

Without getting into differences in cost, a couple of the primary reasons we have a 5500 watt generator as opposed to a small Honda: 1) In an hour of run time with a quality inverter / charger (like H & L have) one get more bulk and absorptive charge into the batteries in much less time. A smaller 2,000 Honda actually can't provide enough power to run some of the larger chargers "wide open" and it can take quite a bit of time to get a full bulk charge completed if the batteries are low.

2) Sometimes it does get hot and in the evening a half hour of air conditioning goes a long way to cooling the rig down and one can charge the batteries at the same time the AC is running. No real difference in LP usage.

As a note - I usually carry a 20lb LP tank that I can connect in place of our 40lb tanks. When we've been where bulk LP fill wasn't available I can "trade" that tank at a LP exchange location. Yes, its a bit more expensive but its an option. Flexibility and options are good when boondocking.

Bill and Linda

Howard & Linda...Still enjoying your blog after 4.5 years. Our news... we have sold our house and we close on Monday, November 20. We are going to live this life of full-time rving. We are excited and apprehensive, glad and scared, but we know we love being with each other, we love seeing new things, and we love the many other RVing folks we've met and the fun times we have shared with them. Yours was the first RVing blog we ever read, we learned so much from you at the RV Show in January 2014 at Seiverville (which really helped us in choosing the rig we have and still love 4 years later) and again at the Boondocking Rally last March in FL. Thanks for providing so much wonderful information to us as wannabe's and now as gonnabe's.

Hey Rick,
Looking forward to seeing the both of you as well. Yes, we always leave the fridge on propane when boondocking, although more and more people are getting electric-only refrigerators which complicates the electrical requirements and battery maintenance. And yes, the inverter goes off when not in use (overnight, and during the day when we don't need it).

Thanks as always for the additional information. We too, carry an extra 20-lb propane cylinder which we use with our grill/griddle, but it also serves as a backup for those times when the other cylinders may run out and the most convenient option is a propane exchange as you indicated.

Dean & Cheri,
We're so happy for you. Forgive me for holding my congratulations on the sale of the house until after closing. :)

Thank you so much for your very kind words and we hope to see you down the road in this great lifestyle.

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