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Wednesday, February 15, 2017


You are right that AT&T obscures the data plans that use a device called "home wireless phone and internet". I haven't heard about the "rural" plan, but we have this device with 50GB for $80 per month. Full disclosure, there is a $20 device fee so the real cost is $100, but that's still a great deal for 50GB. We also have a Verizon jet pack with 26GB (24GB + 2GB bonus) XXL plan. The Verizon plan costs $110 plus $10 for the device fee, so $120. Half the data for 20% more money. We have both because one may work better at certain locations. If the rural AT&T is as described, and available to RV'ers ... I'm in.

Chris and I went to Verizon today (our Jet Pack wasn't working well) and we asked about the new Unlimited Data Plan. The man we were talking to wasn't very clear on anything he said. We told him the way he was answering our questions was very confusing and then he basically told us we were confusing him with our questions.....

Based on what we know "today," if you venture into Canada AT&T data costs are just extreme to say the least. Verizon's rates to carry one's plan into Canada, along with data caps, are actually usable in our opinion. Certainly not for "streaming." But good enough to get by on and not break the bank during one or two month trips. We were surprised at how much Verizon's roaming coverage in Canada has improved for both voice and data. May or not be a factor to all, but is to us.
We did the math, the new unlimited plan doesn't really save us any money. And Howard's correct, AT&T or Verizon, neither reps have a clue to speak of as pertains to how all this really works. YMMV in all regards.

Thanks so much for sharing, Howard.. it's been a crazy week indeed!

Just one point of clarification in your understanding of the new Verizon unlimited data plan:

"You get the fastest speeds up to 22GB PER LINE, and then the speed drops to 3G speeds."

This isn't correct. The 22GB is just a threshold before the line becomes subject to something called 'network management'. All that means is that you MAY experience slower speeds when on congested towers. It's not an automatic throttling (unlike the 10GB mobile hotspot high speed cap). Basically, the line just gets lower priority over other customers when a tower is under heavy load. In most cases, you'll probably never notice it - especially if you're not in a high population area. No tower congestion right now? Full speed ahead.

Whew!! Here I am 65 years old and don't understand anything about this stuff. I am doomed to paper and pencil and the mail I guess. Altho I can get by with my desktop computer and landline phone when I have to.
Don in Okla.

I called the toll-free number at AT&T provided by Chris & Cherie today and the lady who answered my call lives in Alabama and actually has the AT&T Rural Plan herself. She signed me up with no problems. I was able to deactivate our current AT&T Mifi, no longer under contract, which saved us $20 per month. We will also be able to reduce the data on our phone plan with AT&T to save some additional money. I already have our order confirmation via email and the equipment should be here in five days. Very happy so far!!

We got our equipment for the AT&T Rural Data Plan and everything is set up. It is working great so far. We are in a metropolitan area right now and not noticing any problem with speed. We are getting about 15 on download and 19 on upload. So glad we now have this option at what is a relatively low price point.

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