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Tuesday, February 04, 2014


I really didn't follow Obamacare because I have a federal employee retirement plan. However, it now appears as if it will be affecting workampers indirectly. I have heard that large employers will only allow us to work 29 hours to avoid their penalty. I was considering Dollywood this year but having to pay your own site fee would not even make it worth it. Also, you may not be able to stay as long in one place based on the seasonal definition. I guess the easiest thing to do is stick with small employers not required to give you health insurance. I don't want to add to your headache but if you get some definitive info on these topics, it would be nice to hear about this too as I trust your information. Also, if you did work somewhere that offered you insurance, can you refuse it and would it have an affect on my retiree insurance. Thanks for all you do for us. You can work on this in your free time. LOL.

It will be great to see you guys again at the Spring Rally.

Boy, Kaylee is really growing up fast isn't she.

Long way from the first Rally in the Myrtle Beach area. You've made it work!

Good for all of you. Congratulations!

B & L

Great news to have Kyle as a resource. We are fortunate not to be "in the market" in the fore-seeable future but the majority of issues I see on the forum come from just not having a good resource for full-timer questions.
It will be interesting over the next several months to see what impact this has on South Dakota service-providers. With zero options for mobile healthcare in that state I imagine the domicile "industry" will take a big hit.

Thanks for the link. I'm losing my insurance the end of 2014, so I'll be doing some research for sure.

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