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Wednesday, January 08, 2014


So so interesting ...my husband and I have always tossed around running a campground as well but the costs are crazy. Interesting info on co ops...best of luck!

Survey completed. I'm anxious to see what interest there is. We recently bought an RV lot in the north Georgia mountains, and we love the fact that we can come and go when we please. However, it's too cold to spend the winter, so this might be something to look into.

I totally understand the appeal of the co-op concept. When my husband & I were full-timers, we joined an existing co-op in CT where we spent our summers. It had been formed in the 70s as a non-profit so it was affordable and the annual maintenance was only about $800/yr and that included cable TV. No way you could live cheaper than that! We sold it for what we paid for it (non-profit) when we bought our home in FL. Like you, we loved the Escapee co-ops and toyed with putting our name on the list for Benson, AZ. I am wondering why you would undertake building a new camp, why not buy an exiting campground and turn it into a co-op? Just a thought. Good luck with it all!

Over 30 yrs. ago we purchased 2 lots that was to be a RV park. Man died, wife let it go for taxes. We own the lots, pay taxes on them to Fl. Can't get on the land, because the women who bought from the sale, has the land locked! It is all set up as far as lots. It is in Hernando County. As a lawyer, what would you do?


There are laws in Florida that allow owners to access landlocked land. Adjacent landowners can voluntarily grant you an easement, or you can get a court order requiring them to grant you an easement to access the property. In either case, you may have to compensate the owner of the property through which you access the property.

Contact a real estate attorney in Hernando County, and they should be able to help. It should be relatively straightforward.

Thank you so much, we will look into this. Madelyn

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