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Tuesday, January 07, 2014


not good news Howard, we also signed up for Sanford through the exchange. Our first mail drop since Jan 1 is on it's way so we'll see if we too get a letter. I'm sure our mail service address is in their database as a red flag. Not sure what we'll do as this seems to effect us as well. We are currently ion Florida so maybe .....

Phil and Rudee

I'm in the same boat- err camper, as the others. Alie qualifies for Medicare so she's covered, I was covered until the plan was dropped under my previous company. I'm weighing options and none look good unless we relocate to Texas or Florida. I'm sent several e-mails to the Sioux Falls state reps to see if they can help influence the SD healthcare industry.

Good information on the SD insurance plans. So far, we are still have coverage under my retirement benefits with USAA, but I'm hearing that employer sponsored policies may be under the gun next year. Thanks Mr. President.

I hope you post a snippet of this to Facebook, because I know of some fulltimers that are in the same boat.

We're wanting to get our coach weighed, but not so much wanting to move it. We're heading south in a few weeks and if you're still around, maybe we can finally get to one of your weighings.

We had dinner at the Columbia last week. If you get back that way I highly recommend the grilled salmon steak. I also have my appointment with RV Roof for the end of February. We are going to drop it off to be done while we are in Cancun. Rick

Hey Howard and Linda, We've been following your blog since it's inception and it's helped us tremendously so I wanted to thank you. We are on our third year of full-timing and nearly crossed paths with you a few times over the years. Perhaps one day we will meet up. We have some tips we would like to share with you when we do. :) Anyway the reason for my post is that we are SD domiciled and have also been trying to get health ins. thru the exchange. For your info DakotaCare did the same thing to us as Sanford did to others. We signed up then they called us and said they would not insure full-time RVers unless they provide a utility bill or property tax bill. We called America's Mailbox (our mail forwarding service) asking them if they would give us a copy of their utility bill and they would not. So DakotaCare like Sanford, is out of the equation. We switched to Avera and it looks like they will cover us but, and it's a big "but" - any service outside the area has NO out-of-pocket max and a 40% co-pay! It's almost like being self-insured when you are outside the area. For doctors visits that might be fine. For emergencies you might be bankrupt. It's a gamble. We will probably gamble this first year because the subsidy makes it so we pay almost nothing per month. During that time we will look at other states to re-domicile to. This is a big topic not just for those full-timers like us under medicare age but also for any new RVers looking for a state. SD will receive fewer full-timers selecting that state. Take care and hope to catch up with you someday.

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