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Sunday, August 09, 2009


Howard, Your reminisence, evaluation, and reporting is just sooo valuable, thank you so much! I hope these latest pages will be somewhere easily located on your website because I know I will want to refer back to them.

Nicely done!

For those of us reading this post, we have one more source of information available to us. That's Howard and Linda's Campground Reviews that we can use along with all the other sites Howard listed above. I, also, consult Norm and Linda Payne's campground reviews as well. Thanks Howard, that is great information that will help all of us.

Howard, Thank you for sharing the process you use in selecting a camping spot and the information about the discount camping clubs. I know this took some time and effort to put together and we appreciate it.

Great post (I've really enjoyed ALL the recent posts about campgrounds)! We do pretty much the same drill.

I would add one thing: if you are a member of a good online forum, ask the other members where THEY stay along your intended route, and why they like the campgrounds they recommend. This can be very helpful when you have a new route in mind, and you usually can get good information on the many questions important to RV'ers - like whether or not the sites are level!


We are amazed that your procedure for finding a campsite is so close to the way we do it. We use most of the same resources and pick using very similar criteria.

We get this question all the time, thanks for providing a link to direct people to where they can find that very special camping place too.

perfect review. as usual you seem to answer all my questions. thanks for the info.

Nice post Howard. Thanks. I had most of your links bookmarked, but it helped me to go back and organize them better.

Here's another website we found that has listings of city and county campgrounds, searchable by state. Definitely not all inclusive, but could be helpful.

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